Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Simply life with simple natural prints 簡約生活●簡單植物印染


A simple life for me is simply to start a day with light breakfast....... toast on own made ceramic dish, brewed coffee and dried nuts.  What's more is with the brat in my front.
簡約生活 , 自作自受, 一口香濃咖啡, 兩片多士, 與貓兒共享.......細意品嚐.......我的天然植物印染.
幾乎每日每刻與我共存共享就是這些創作印染, 每一件不能重複, 那麼獨特, 這就是驅使我不停實驗研究的動力, 這裡有連結教材購買自學, 我以簡單材料圖文解說, 兩份教材從基本而至有層次色調可供選購.

 The wool flannel table runner printed with assorted leaves and plants in shades is the first tutorial I listed on ETSY.
After the many experiments I made the prints with iron carrier to bring out the shapes and shades.  As have to do a few samples for the workshop, I tried a few eucalyptus on the silk swatch.  Here are the samples done lately.

In the workshop we used only a few species of plants but the most effective for any prints is onion skins.  Even on cotton prints are impressive and bold. The images above are the mirror prints on silk and cotton of the onion skins.
With less or more of scattered onion skins, outcome is different.
The rich on the bottom with iron carrier made the shades.
Technique of making prints rich like this with appropriate mordant you can create unique fabric art.  Here's the link of my instant download pdf tutorial in ETSY.
To make a simple yet fabulous shades and shapes of natural prints you will find my basic pdf instant download tutorial in ETSY.  

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Natural printing with tertiary students 專上學生的植物印染

I have a special project with the HK PolyU and my honour to share in a part of it for my natural printing with the students.  It's the first time for the tertiary students to encounter with such eco printing with direct prints from plants.  We used just rose leaves, sorts of ecualyptus leaves, sumac and onion skins.  They're creative and made the sample silk panels in two hours.

Little leaves composition
Shades of red, orange, brown and rich tones from onion skins

 With my simple basic skills they made the outlines and shades
Bright red from eucalyptus

 Clean and clear from lecturer's prints with only onion skins, simply bold and creative.

 Onion skins are really great prints.  The prints on silk with little outlines and shade looks like 3D effect after printing.  Even prints on the cotton iron carrier with pink shade of the original color.
A piece with all the materials - onion skins, sumac, rose leaves and eucalyptus.
Fabulous prints on silk panel
All my pleasure to share with the students as well the lecturer's pleased with the works.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Natural prints and lac dyes 花葉印染

This is knit silk jersey with natural prints of eucalyptus, flowers and dyed in lac (Laccifer Lacca - kind of insert).  Plants gathered on my way of biking last week.
日前騎單車撿拾花葉印染布料, 滿以為利用原有印上葉子的針織絲料再浸染紫膠 (介殼蟲染物)成為深紅底色, 然後再加些花葉做層次感印染, 誰料破壞了原意, 弄出太深沉底色, 可能是鐡的媒染劑太重之故, 花葉色調不見得明顯, 怎也好, 都是嘗試.

A short ride in suburb just wanted to get some more flowers for my natural printing.  Hibiscus tiliaceus by the seashore still blooming but getting less. 


 Lagerstroemia speciosa is at the end.  I was lucky to pick up some on the ground after strong wind. Also some Hibiscus on the grass after worker's pruning.

A day out biking was to energize myself and get inspired from nature. 

 With handful of fragile petals and leaves home I endeavored to redo the yardage of knit silk jersey already printed with eucalyptus and rose leaves.  The yardage is tube width I printed both front and back in plain.  I wanted to make another dress with some more flowers then make it with simple nuno felt technique.  Know that the "remake" may ruin the whole piece but keen on trying.  So it's dyed in lac pot overnight.

 I intended to dye it in lac to make the same red as this done last year.

Composition like this .......

After 1.5 hours boiling it came out too dark out of my expectation.  It's almost brown that the prints are not quite outstanding.  I thought the iron carrier may be too strong.

Anyway, the prints seems fine but only the background is bit dark.  A closer look can find the flowers prints well.
It's tube width with prints on both-side, I can put on either way or even upside down before actually decided the style.

Be it a dress or a wrap the only side I like is "less is more". 
This natural printing is kind of "discharge" technique learnt from Irit Dulman.  Anyone who has learnt or know the skills may find my outcome as reference only.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Natural prints with weeds and flowers 花花草草的植物移印染

Recently I like to use weeds for my natural prints.  On the hill side there are lots of weeds look like miscanthus but I don't know the exact name. 
十一月初的今日已是立冬, 香港仍是和煦秋天, 在山上野草隨風搖曳, 撿一把做印染, 一片絲綢實驗, 縫著兩端成為圍巾.
I know this kind of grass may not have pigments but no harm to try the shape as resist.
Composition of a few weeds, wild daisy and sumac on silk with one end dyed in cochinael.

After an hour boiling,  those plants with no pigments left shapes

I've done another piece with different placement of flowers and weeds.
Same, those only left the shapes.

The other piece I placed a few eucalyptus  just to make a little orangish or yellish.

 A soft tone panel with the weeds and leaves is done
Officially we're into winter time but only a bit cool in the morning or evening.

I sewed one of the panels two-fold and the ends connected. Simply a cowl scarf for autumn or winter.
 This is technique learnt from my teacher Irit Dulman.  Anyone who learnt or knew the skills may know how to make it.  This is only my experiments of weeds prints to share.

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